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Study: Duval County Public Schools losing effective teachers.

Informative study that was in the paper today, nothing really new, but makes key points based on the data in Duval.  Excerpt from the article:

■ Schools serving the most high-need students are disproportionately hampered by ineffective recruitment, selection and staffing.

■ A high percentage of low-performing teachers remain in district classrooms.

■ High-need schools lose top teachers at higher rates and hire lower-performing teachers to replace those who leave.

■ 47 percent of top-performing teachers who plan to leave the district in the next two years intend to teach locally.

■ 63 percent of Duval principals said they lost teachers they wanted to keep because of position or budget cuts in the past three years.

■ Duval loses out on the best teacher candidates because the district hires teachers too late in the year compared to top schools nationwide.

The study recommends that Duval overhaul its teacher compensation system to reward performance as the primary factor, as opposed to just years of experience. That would be a way to help retain highly effective teachers.

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Vitti gives the study high marks, but the teachers union wasn’t impressed.

Study is here:Study