Welcome to the parent search page, from this page you can search all the public schools in Florida, including charter schools, and see teachers in Math and English/ Language Arts/Reading who are in the statewide top 30% based on the how their students have have increased in knowledge. Some schools will have almost all of their teachers in the top 30% and some schools will not have any listed. Don’t forget that teachers often move, so sometimes searching for a teacher by name may identify a teacher that is not listed in the school you think they currently teach at. On our home page we explain more fully the scope of the database and why a teacher might not be listed.

Why would parents want to identify top teachers? Well, we all want our children to have the best opportunity to develop to their fullest potential, and having an excellent effective teacher is a must for that purpose. Yet, school districts rarely take real steps to retain or recruit the best teachers, and the best and worst teacher in a school is usually paid the same amount.  Districts will only focus on attracting and retaining and compensating the best teachers for your children when parents let it be known that they will demand the best. Let your district know you care.

Additional reasons to identify the best teachers– many teachers also tutor, and particularly if your son or daughter is struggling, you will need the best tutoring help you can afford, so you can use this database to identify potential tutors.  I am sure you can come up with many other uses for identifying the best teachers, and we look forward to parents sharing those additional uses with us.

One other thing to keep in mind; because of collective bargaining agreements, most districts will not  take the steps needed to recognize and reward excellent effective teachers, but charter schools do not  have these same limitations.

Start searching!