Welcome to MyFlTeacher, a site we hope you find useful and informative. We hope this site will be helpful to parents, teachers, principals and charter school operators, and will be the start for creating a marketplace for excellent teachers. We would like to thank the Florida Times Union for bringing a successful lawsuit to require the DOE to release this teacher data.  We have made the official data user friendly, to allow Parents and Charter Schools meaningful access to the information. Using this site you can identify English/Language Arts/ Reading teachers and math teachers, in grades 4-8 and sometimes high school that, based on real data measuring how much their students learned in the course of a year, compared with expected learning, are the best and most effective teachers in Florida’s Public Schools.

This website is based on official data collected by the Florida Department of Education through the 2016-17 school year, and as such does not include information on a small number of teachers who would otherwise qualify for the Best Florida Teacher designation, because the number of students assigned to them was too small to be accurate, or because their information was exempt from release, such as some with spouses in law enforcement. It is also based on teachers for whom there are multiple years of aggregate data, so some teachers were not included whose scores would otherwise qualify because there were not enough years of data.  Bottom line, the included teachers are most of Florida’s best public school teachers in the covered grades and subjects, but some best teachers are not listed in the database, as above explained.

Florida’s best teachers are one of our most valuable resources, and they need to be respected, rewarded and treated as such. The first step is to identify them as Florida’s best teachers. It devalues all teachers to treat teachers as fungible, pretending the best and the worst are interchangeable.

This website is sponsored by the Woodring Law Firm, in support of good education policy and increased charter school quality.