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Teacher Who Drove Students Away – WSJ.

In the Wall Street Journal today is a great letter to the editor, explaining how “in the know” parents get the best teachers for their children. Use the information on our site to make sure you are one of those informed parents.

In our elementary school district (a very good one), there was a teacher known (by those who had lived here for sufficient years) to be a terrible teacher. When our youngest was put into her class, we personally met with the principal to have our son moved to another class. This was done for us, as it was for any parents who made a similar request. His answer to why she was still teaching amounted to, “We know, but we can’t do anything about it.” So along the way, she taught kids miserably for over 30 years. Her classes consisted of kids with parents who had just moved into this area and did not know better.

The school district would move her around to different grades when the parent outcry from those unfortunate enough not to have had prior knowledge about her became troublesome. This is what tenure looks like for parents.

Think about how much better those hundreds of students might have learned from a more motivated teacher.

Jeff Susich

Loveland, Ohio