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Teacher Contends N.Y. State Evaluations Fail Accuracy Test – WSJ.

This is an interesting article, about a 4th grade teacher that is unhappy with her value added score. From the article it appears that she teaches relatively high performing students, and was surprised when her score showed that her students were far under performing in the expected growth, even though they had high performance. My understanding is that the NY value added model is quite strong, so I expect the model will be validated. Parents are often surprised that teachers with high performing students may not be effective teachers, not realizing that students that start with high proficiency can mask that little growth is occurring.

After earning enthusiastic reviews for 17 years as a fourth-grade teacher on Long Island, Sheri Lederman was shocked to learn in September that the state’s new evaluation system gave her only 1 out of 20 points for her students’ progress on state tests.