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Today, this article talks about putting the best teachers in the schools dubbed failure factories in Pinellas. If they go about this the right way, this is exactly what the district has to do. The headline of the article is sadly wrong though, Pinellas agreed to do this about 4 years ago in a school improvement plan sent to the state, yet has just now gotten serious about this. Slow, very slow, not fast. And the focus on veteran teachers is also misplaced if the teachers are given a preference for more than 4 years of experience, past student results are more important.

Corbett said the goal is to put the best teachers in front of students. To make that determination, principals in the five schools are working with Burt and an area superintendent to review test scores, professional evaluations and statewide test data. The group will reach a consensus on which candidates to hire, but the final decisions will rest with the principals, Corbett said.

Source: Pinellas moving fast to replace teachers in troubled schools | Tampa Bay Times